Tien Shan

Here are some pictures from a trip to the Tien Shan - the "Celestial Mountains" - in Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan in August 2003 with Explore Worldwide.

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Mon 04 Aug
Arrive Almaty. City tour.
Tue 05 Aug
Drive to Karkara base camp.
Wed 06 Aug
From Karkara base camp, along the Kokjar River, to the first wild camp. By horse then 6-wheel drive.
Thu 07 Aug
Over a pass, along a river, through the Tyouk Kokpak canyon.
Fri 08 Aug
Up to a pass at 3150m then down into the gorge of the Ulken Kokpak river.
Sat 09 Aug
Up to a pass at 3450m, up the right-hand peak, then down to Karakol Lake.
Sun 10 Aug
To Akkol Lake.
Mon 11 Aug
Up to North Ashutor pass at 3800m then down through the Ashutor valley.
Tue 12 Aug
Up to Ashutor pass at 3900m then down the Sary Dhas valley.
Wed 13 Aug
Helicopter to South Inylchek Glacier base camp at 4000m.
Thu 14 Aug
Walk towards base of Kan Tengri (6995m).
Fri 15 Aug
Walk towards Pobeda (7439m).
Sat 16 Aug
Helicopter back to Karkara base camp.
Sun 17 Aug
Drive back to Almaty stopping at Charyn River Canyon.