Simien Mountains

Here are some pictures from a trip to the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia at the end of 2002 with Exodus.

Full gallery (50 pictures).

Mon 23 Dec
From Debark to Mindigebsa.
Tue 24 Dec
To Sanka Ber and Geech.
Wed 25 Dec
Imetgogo (3926m).
Thu 26 Dec
From Geech to Chenek.
Fri 27 Dec
From Chenek to Ambiko over Bwahit (4430m).
Sat 28 Dec
Ras Dashen (4543m).
Sun 29 Dec
Ambiko via Arquaziye to Sona.
Mon 30 Dec
Ansyiya valley to Mekarebya.
Tue 31 Dec
To last camp.
Wed 01 Jan
To Adiarkai.