Here are some pictures from a trip to Oman in February 2014 with KE Adventure.

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Fri 07 Feb
Arrive Muscat. Afternoon city tour.
Sat 08 Feb
Muscat Grand Mosque. Drive to Balid Sait village. Gorge walk. Drive to Jabal Shams.
Sun 09 Feb
Drive to Al Kateen village. Balcony trail. Drive up Wadi Ghul/Nakhr. Visit Misfat al Abriyyin village.
[Walk stats: start 08:18, finish 12:28, min 1605m, max. 1845m, ascent 270m, descent 270m]
Mon 10 Feb
Jabal Akhdar, Quiyut - Sayq Plateau walk. Drive to camp.
[Walk stats: start 09:41, finish 16:26, min 1860m, max 2320m, ascent 540m, descent 805m]
Tue 11 Feb
Jabal Akhdar - Qarut al Úlya walk. Drive to Nizwa.
[Walk stats: start 08:35, finish 15:11, min 700m, max 2065m, ascent 50m, descent 1400m]
Wed 12 Feb
Nizwa souks and fort. Drive to Wadi Bani Khalid.
Thu 13 Feb
Selma Plateau walk. Drive to beach camp (planned camp too windy).
[Walk stats: start 09:34, finish 18:09, min 665m, max 2115m, ascent 1650m, descent 270m]
Fri 14 Feb
Wadi Shab.
Sat 15 Feb
Wadi Tiwi. Drive to Muscat.
[Walk stats: start 09:24, finish 12:43, min 145m, max 210m, ascent 75m, descent 70m]
Sun 16 Feb
Depart Muscat.