Here are some pictures from a trip up Kilimanjaro on the Shira route in January 2004 with Exodus.

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Sat 17 Jan
From Londorossi Gate (2250m) to the first camp (on foot as the track was too muddy for our vehicles).
Sun 18 Jan
From the first camp to the second, near Shira Hut (3840m).
Mon 19 Jan
To Moir Hut (4200m) then to the summit of one of the Lent Hills (4600m). Camp again at Shira Hut.
Tue 20 Jan
Beneath the Western Breach to Lava Tower Junction (4500m) then descent to the bottom of the Great Barranco Valley (3900m).
Wed 21 Jan
Climb up the Barranco Wall, along the southeastern flank of Kibo to Karanga (3960m), then up to Barafu camp (4550m).
Thu 22 Jan
Night ascent to Stella Point (5735m) and Uhuru Peak (5895m). Descent to Barafu then Mweka(3100m).
Fri 23 Jan
Descent through forest to Mweka camp (1650m).