Greenland 2018

Here are some pictures from a trip to Greenland in July/August 2018 with Pirhuk Greenland Mountain Guides.

Unnamed peak #1
Camp 2
Knud Rasmussen glacier

Full gallery (196 pictures).
Knud Rasmussen glacier videos: #1 timelapse, #2 boat trip.

GPS logs (.kmz - load into Google Earth).

Fri 27 Jul
Arrive Reykjavik, Iceland.
Sat 28 Jul
Fly to Kulusuk, Greenland. Daetu.
Sun 29 Jul
Mon 30 Jul
Boat to camp 1.
Tue 31 Jul
Pt 731.
Wed 01 Aug
Thu 02 Aug
Boat to hut.
Fri 03 Aug
Unnamed peak #1 (highest on Apusiajik).
Sat 04 Aug
Sun 05 Aug
Rest day.
Mon 06 Aug
Boat to camp 2, near Knud Rasmussen glacier.
Tue 07 Aug
Unnamed peak #2 above Knud Rasmussen glacier.
Wed 08 Aug
Knud Rasmussen glacier, bivouac.
Thu 09 Aug
Unnamed peak #3 above Knud Rasmussen glacier. Return to Kulusuk.
Fri 10 Aug
Boat trip around Kulusuk.
Sat 11 Aug
Fly to Reykjavik, Iceland.
Sun 12 Aug
Depart Reykjavik.