Franklin River 2016

Here are some pictures from a rafting trip on the Franklin River, Tasmania, in November/December 2016 with World Expeditions.

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Video clips: YouTube.

GPS logs (.kmz - load into Google Earth).

Wed 30 Nov
Drive to Collingwood Bridge, raft down the Collingwood River to the Franklin River, then to camp at Angel Rain Cavern.
Thu 01 Dec
Raft to Irenabyss.
Fri 02 Dec
Attempt on Frenchman's Cap. Aborted due to poor weather (which then improved to give a sunny afternoon at camp).
Sat 03 Dec
Raft to camp at The Beach Club.
Sun 04 Dec
Raft to Coruscades.
Mon 05 Dec
Raft to Rafters Basin.
Tue 06 Dec
Raft to Newlands Cave.
Wed 07 Dec
Rest day at Newlands Cave.
Thu 08 Dec
Raft to Kutikina Cave then to camp at Big Fall Beach.
Fri 09 Dec
Raft to "The Lost World", on to the Gordon River, then to Sir John Falls.
Sat 10 Dec
Aboard the "Stormbreaker" to Strahan.