Here are some pictures from an ascent of Denali from 15 May (day 1) to 2 June (day 19) 2011 with Alpine Ascents International.

Alp 4: Team Blueberry - Rick, Dennis, Jon, Margit, Benjamin, Eitan, Eric, Keegan.

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Movie showing view from the summit and the flight out: YouTube.

Sat 14 May
Drive from Anchorage to Talkeetna with Denali Overland. Our driver left such an impression on us that we took our team name from one of his stories. Overnight at the Fireweed Station Inn.
Sun 15 May
Gear check at the Alpine Ascents Talkeetna Office. National Park Service orientation. Fly to base camp with Talkeetna Air Taxi.
Mon 16 May
Base camp. Glacier travel review.
Tue 17 May
Move (single carry) to camp 1 (about 4/5 way to "usual" camp 1).
Wed 18 May
Carry to camp 2.
Thu 19 May
Move to camp 2.
Fri 20 May
Weather day. Cleared in the evening.
Sat 21 May
Carry to camp 3 (3350m).
Sun 22 May
Move to camp 3.
Mon 23 May
Carry to cache beyond Windy Corner (4115m).
Tue 24 May
Move to camp 4 (4330m).
Wed 25 May
Back carry to camp 4.
Thu 26 May
Rest day. Skills review.
Fri 27 May
Carry to cache at top of fixed lines (5100m).
Sat 28 May
Move to camp 5 (5245m).
Sun 29 May
Summit day. Depart 11:30 (waited until summit wind looked OK). Summit at 20:15 (6168m).
Mon 30 May
Return to camp 4.
Tue 31 May
Return to base camp. Depart 20:30. Arrive next day 06:30.
Wed 01 Jun
Weather day. No flights.
Thu 02 Jun
Return flight to Talkeetna. Dinner (with Ott & Murphy Wine) and overnight at the Fireweed Station Inn.