Cordillera Real

Here are some pictures from a trip to the Cordillera Real in Bolivia in July/August 2005 with KE Adventure.

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Mon 25 Jul
La Paz.
Tue 26 Jul
Tiwanaku pre-Inca ruins, drive to Copacabana.
Wed 27 Jul
Boat to Isla del Sol.
Thu 28 Jul
Boat then walk to pre-Inca temple at Pilokaina.
Fri 29 Jul
Boat to Isla del Luna, boat to mainland, drive to Sorata.
Sat 30 Jul
Walk to San Pedro cave.
Sun 31 Jul
Drive to start of trek (4630m), walk down to camp at Ancoma (3900m).
Mon 01 Aug
Walk up to Korhuasi Pass (4490m), down to Cocoyo village, then up to camp (3700m).
Tue 02 Aug
Walk up to Sarani Pass (4500m), down to camp near Chacolpaya (4110m).
Wed 03 Aug
Walk up to Negruni Pass (4900m), down to camp near Negruni (4680m).
Thu 04 Aug
Walk down the valley to camp at Palca (4020m).
Fri 05 Aug
Walk up to Portero Pass, ascent of Murucantaya (5020m), across the pass (4780m), down to camp at Hankolakaya (4400m).
Sat 06 Aug
Walk up road to Paso Mullu (4990m), down to camp above Kotia Lake (4500m).
Sun 07 Aug
Peak above camp (5030m).
Mon 08 Aug
Traverse above lower lake, across pass (4810m), camp on shore of Alka Quota (4600m).
Tue 09 Aug
Walk to Sistena Pass (5120m), Purikhota Pass (4980m), down to camp beside Jurikhota Lake (4750m).
Wed 10 Aug
Walk to next lake, ascent of peak above Apacheta Pass (5350m), across pass (5160m), camp beside Lake Chairkhota (4710m).
Thu 11 Aug
Walk to Paso Aguja Negra (5030m), Paso Zongo Sistena (4940m), end of trek at Botijlaca (3700m).
Fri 12 Aug
La Paz.