Chilkoot Trail & Yukon River

Here are some pictures from a trip to the Chilkoot trail (Alaska/British Columbia) and the Yukon River (Yukon) in August 2014 with KE Adventure.

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Sun 10 Aug
Arrive Whitehorse.
Mon 11 Aug
Drive to Skagway. Camp at Dyea.
Tue 12 Aug
Morning in Dyea. Afternoon walk to trailhead and start Chilkoot trail. Camp at Canyon City.
[Walk stats: start 15:06, finish 19:56, min 0m, max. 80m, ascent 165m, descent 100m]
Wed 13 Aug
Lunch at Pleasant camp. Overnight at Sheep camp.
[Walk stats: start 09:28, finish 15:24, min 60m, max 385m, ascent 275m, descent 50m]
Thu 14 Aug
Lunch at Chilkoot summit. Overnight at Happy camp.
[Walk stats: start 07:32, finish 16:48, min 255m, max 1040m, ascent 815m, descent 210m]
Fri 15 Aug
Lunch at Lindeman camnp. Overnight at Bare Loon Lake camp.
[Walk stats: start 09:15, finish 17:51, min 660m, max 975m, ascent 225m, descent 380m]
Sat 16 Aug
Walk to trail end at Bennet. WP & WR train to Carcross. Drive to Whitehorse.
[Walk stats: start 08:39, finish 11:40, min 600m, max 690m, ascent 80m, descent 160m]
Sun 17 Aug
Mon 18 Aug
Start canoe trip on Lake Laberge at 614'39" N 13511'52" W. Camp at 6116'53" N 13516'25" W.
Tue 19 Aug
Lunch at start of "the thirty mile" river. Camp at 6128'2" N 1356'41" W.
Wed 20 Aug
Camp at Hootalinqua, 6135'6" N 13454'15" W.
Thu 21 Aug
Shipyward island. Camp at 6155'26" N 1353'39" W.
Fri 22 Aug
Camp at 6159'23" N 13525'32" W.
Sat 23 Aug
End of canoe trip at Little Salmon, 622'10" N 13544'56" W. Drive to Carmacks then return to Whitehorse.