Here are some pictures from an ascent of Aconcagua in December/January 2009/2010 with Alpine Ascents International.

Team Picture, 21 December 2009
Team Picture, 6 January 2010

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Mon 21 Dec
Arrive Mendoza. Drive to Penitentes.
Tue 22 Dec
Drive to Punta de Vacas. Begin trek to Plaza Argentina. Camp 2900m.
Wed 23 Dec
Trek to Plaza Argentina day 2. Camp 3250m.
Thu 24 Dec
Trek to Plaza Argentina day 3. Camp 4200m.
Fri 25 Dec
Rest day at Plaza Argentina.
Sat 26 Dec
Carry to camp I, 4650m. Return to Plaza Argentina.
Sun 27 Dec
Move to camp I.
Mon 28 Dec
Carry to camp II, 5350m.
Tue 29 Dec
Rest day at camp I.
Wed 30 Dec
Move to camp II.
Thu 31 Dec
Carry to camp III, 5800m.
Fri 01 Jan
Move to camp III.
Sat 02 Jan
Rest day at camp III.
Sun 03 Jan
Move to camp IV, 6200m.
Mon 04 Jan
Summit day (6962m).
Tue 05 Jan
Descent to Plaza de Mulas. Camp 4300m.
Wed 06 Jan
Walk out to Punta del Inca. Drive to Penitentes.